SWAN Statement

SWAN, as the regional organisation of the Rural Community Councils has provided a strong voice across the South West region.  With the demise of regional structures the role of SWAN as a formal organisation has now come to a close, with effect from 31 March 2013.

However, all CEOs from RCCs within the South West region will continue to meet and work collaboratively under a Memorandum of Understanding agreement, allowing continuity of service under a more cost effective and a timely way forward, ensuring the needs of the rural communities for the South West are being addressed and met.










There are seven Rural Community Councils in the South West, links to the individual websites are listed on the right.

The seven RCC’s work together on the free support service available to community and social enterprises across the South West of England through the RDPE CASE support service, please click on the CASE logo below for more infomation on this service.